When building a home under contract with a Builder, it is vitally important that when you are handed the property over from the Builder that it has been built to the minimum standards that are required.

In NSW Builders are regulated (Issued Licences) by the Office of Fair Trading. All builders in NSW when building a home are required to be under contract with the client (you) when undertaking the build. The contract may vary as there are many different pre-formatted contracts used, however the minimum requirements relating to the National Construction Code, the home building Act 1989 and relevant Australian Standards are standard and must relate to all contracts.

Our handover reports are specific to breaches within the above requirements regardless of the contract that is signed. Understanding that there is a minimum standard that is required is key, and knowing that the builder has a responsibility / requirement to reach these standards when handing over your property.

Our handover reports fall within the definition of a ‘Special Condition Report’ (refer to the agreement) and a vastly different to a standard Building / condition report as provided to a buyer / seller.

A handover report is specific to individual defects that have been identified to be in breach of the following:

  1. The National Construction Code.
  2. The Home Building Act 1918.
  3. The relevant Australian Standards as listed within the NCC
  4. The NSW tolerances and standards guide.

These defects may include but not limited to:

  • Structural elements including roof void framing, external walls & cracking.
  • Roofing, gutters, flashings.
  • Ceilings, slab and wall workmanship.
  • Tiling & grouting.
  • Sealants particularly in wet areas.
  • Painting finishes.
  • Plumbing & electrical installed, RCD & smoke alarm installs.
  • Fixtures & fittings such as door handles, towel racks, kitchen cabinetry, bench tops along with many other elements of the property.

This is a complete structural and cosmetic inspection conducted by a Qualified Builder with full professional insurances.

Greg is a fully licenced builder and has over 20 years experience and has conducted over 5000 inspections to date.

Inspect Wollongong follow the Australian Standard 4349.0-2007 Inspection of Buildings Part 2 Special Conditions report process and the reports offer full coloured photos at no extra cost.

The cost of a handover report will vary depending upon the size and location of the building. Our friendly office staff will be more than happy to further discuss with you.


A defect report specific to a client’s requirements can come in many forms.  Depending on the nature of the defect, be it singular or multiple and circumstances surrounding the issues will depend on the format and depth that is required.

Greatly different in comparison to a pre-purchase report where we provide a general overview of the condition of the property at the time of inspection. A defect or special condition report is a more in depth / quantified report that is specific to the defect/s that are of a concern to the client. The report will be based only around the scope of the client’s requirements relating to the defect/s.

If the defect/s are within a builder’s warranty period, these reports will be quantified with legislative breaches within,

  1. The National Construction Code.
  2. The relevant Australian Standards.
  3. The Home Building Act 1989.
  4. Building Regulations.
  5. Relevant trades code of practice.

Defect inspection reports can be timely as they are individual to the client’s needs. For further information on cost and service regarding a special condition defect report, we encourage you to call for a quote.