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Why Choose Inspect Wollongong?

Inspect Wollongong specialise in Combined Pre Purchase and Pre Sale Building and Timber Pest Inspections and Pool Safety Inspections. You will get one inspector – Greg Flood – to complete one, both or all three inspections.

We use the latest Thermal Image Technology with every inspection to ensure that your property is inspected thoroughly.

We offer a quality assurance that includes outstanding service; thorough inspections and professional ongoing advice.

We inspect areas of homes not normally looked at by our competitors such as roof voids, roof exterior and the sub floor areas (if it is safe to do so and access panels are provided).

Reports include colour photographs and recommendations on issues found at the property.

You will receive your thorough, easy to read report within 24 hours of the inspection.

We are fully licensed and Insured.

Frequently asked questions
Do I need a building and pest inspection?

Unless you have access to an experienced and knowledgeable builder, then the answer will usually be an emphatic ‘yes’. Structural repairs can be extremely expensive so you need to be fully informed before committing to purchase.

Is an inspection report good value for money?

If you avoid the tick and flick operators then it definitely is for nearly every purchaser. For a couple of hundred dollars, you could potentially avoid unexpected repairs stretching anywhere from $10K to upwards of $100K. Even if no major defects are found, often the report will be useful during the negotiation process.

Do houses with concrete slabs need a pest inspection?

Unfortunately, yes. The frame of the house and other key structural components are still made of wood and termites only need small gaps through the concrete slab to gain access. Termites will often get in via gaps around pipes, electrical cables, and through covered weep holes, for example.

I’m buying a Unit / Townhouse. Do I need an inspection?

This is a common question. The agents often don’t encourage an inspection diverting the liability or the defects to a strata report. A defect will only be mentioned in the strata report if it has been reported. An undetected defect like a leaking shower, structural issue can be undetected by the tenant and therefore not listed in the strata report. Relying on the information within a strata report to be accurate and current is fraught with danger and can cost you thousands of dollars if the defect is considered not within the body corporate responsibility.

Is the Inspector fully licenced?

Asking if the inspector is fully licenced / insured is an excellent question that should be asked. In NSW there is not specific licence requirements for a building inspector as the industry was deregulated some years ago. That means that there is no requirement to hold any licence to undertake / advertise to conduct building inspections. The question you should ask a prospective person to undertake your building inspection is, “Does the person who will be undertaking the inspection have a Builders licence”. Check the credentials of the person undertaking the inspection. Holding insurance for professional indemnity does not automatically give the inspector a Builders licence. Would you take your car to person who does not hold a mechanics licence?

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