Building Reports For Strata Titled Properties

Building Reports For Strata Titled Properties

Greg Flood of BPI Building & Pest Inspections Wollongong discusses a common myth about building reports for strata titled properties.

Hi, Greg Flood here from BPI Buildng and Pest Inspections Wollongong just here to talk to you today about strata titled units, townhouses and villas.

There’s a common myth out there that if you obtain the strata report, you don’t need a building inspection conducted on the property.

That may be the case however issues that come up in strata reports are only identified if the person living in the place has brought them up. So there may be a case where you have a bathroom leaking or drainage issues that haven’t been brought up.

So just bare that in mind that if you don’t get a building inspection on your strata titled unit, townhouse or villa, that these issues may be missed if they haven’t been brought up by the existing owner.

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