Thermal Camera Building and Pest Inspections In Wollongong

Thermal Camera Building and Pest Inspections In Wollongong

When Thermal Imaging technology was first invented, it was a rather cumbersome process requiring three large pieces of equipment. thermal camera wollongong

Now, thanks to breakthroughs in camera technology, BPI Wollongong is now able to offer its customers advanced thermal imaging scans that can accurately scan roof voids, the sub floors and the exterior surfaces of properties.

We conduct our inspections with a very advanced compact one-piece camera that makes day-to-day inspections simple and fast. These cameras are used to perform a thorough and rapid thermal scan for conducting a pre-purchase inspection.

It’s important to understand that although our thermal cameras are very advanced tools, all technology has some limitations.

The best way to use our thermal camera is in combination with other tools and common inspection techniques in order to obtain a thoroughly comprehensive assessment of any property that you wish to assess.

The human eye is an incredibly sophisticated sensor but is limited by which bands of the visual spectrum can be observed.

A thermal camera works to augment human vision by converting the infrared spectrum into visual images that the eye can interpret. Using one of our thermal cameras, it’s possible to see variations in temperature of the structural components of a building.

At BPI Wollongong, we understand that many of our clients are interested in using one of our advanced thermal cameras to attempt to discover the presence of termites or to locate evidence of termite destruction.

While thermal cameras can indeed reveal severe termite damage in a structure, the infrared spectrum is not appropriate for locating termite trails or lesser amounts of damage caused by termites.

When it comes to detecting termite activity, our thermal cameras are most effective when combined with other tools and inspection techniques.

bpi_thermalAt BPI Wollongong, we highly recommend using one of our thermal cameras for a pre-inspection analysis due to the valuable information it can provide about the overall structural integrity of a property.

Our thermal cameras are excellent at seeing ‘through’ walls to potentially reveal integrity issues like moisture damage, interior damage and substantial termite destruction.

For customers primarily interested in discovering termite nests and destruction, we recommend using a combination of CCTV, fibre-optics, special borescopes, audio detecting equipment, moisture meters and a device called a Term-A-Trac.

It should be mentioned that sometimes only more invasive investigatory techniques can reliably determine the presence of termites or termite activity, usually not appropriate when conducting a pre-purchase inspection.

We feel it’s important to emphasise that even the most advanced thermal camera technology is not sufficiently reliable to discover the presence of termites and/or termite damage.

Although some of our competitors may attempt to simplify the inspection process by making exaggerated claims of what a thermal camera can do, at BPI Wollongong we know that only a combination of several tools and the experience of conducting comprehensive inspections can reliably discover the presence of structural integrity issues relating to termites.

At BPI Wollongong, an advanced thermal imaging camera is a standard part of our gear and is used for all pre-purchase inspections. Our thermal cameras are simple to use and take only a moment to activate.

We are continually upgrading and updating our equipment so that our clients always have the most advanced technology as soon as it becomes available.

At BPI Wollongong, our mission is to provide our clients with the most sophisticated and affordable inspection services so that they can conduct a pre-purchase inspection with confidence.

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