Termite Management

Termite Management- New Building Work.

Whether you are an owner builder, Licenced builder, Developer and you are the person undertaking a new building or renovating and existing building, then you have an obligation / requirement under the National construction code (Class 1 and class 10 buildings) to satisfy Part 3.1.3, Termite Risk Management.

This requirement will form part of your certification to obtain an occupation certificate.

In basic terms if a Primary building element is used within the construction process then you are required to have a suitable termite barrier installed compliant to

AS 3660.1 Termite Management – New Building work.

Definition of Primary Building Element – Means a member of a building designed specifically to take part of the building loads and includes roof, ceiling, floor, stairway or ramp and wall framing members including bracing members designed for the specific purpose of acting as a brace to those members.

This requirement will be determined by the local council in the DA or the private certifier you have engaged for the building process. Prior to commencing your building work, it is highly encouraged you speak your private certifier or council compliance officer to fin out if they require a termite management system fitted.

It’s becoming more common that Termite management systems are moving away from traditional chemical applications to the foundation / perimeters, to Physical protection applications.

Although Chemical applications still have a place in the industry, the benefit of physical barriers are they do not require reapplication like a traditional chemical treatment, and are considered more environmentally friendly to some degree.

Inspect Wollongong are fully licenced Pest Technicians and compliant in the supply and fitment of Physical Barrier application to satisfy all your building application needs. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to advise and provide a written quote for your next project.

Reference:  GREENZONE® | Termite and Insect Barrier Technology (greenzonebarrier.com)