Independent Building Inspections in Greater Macarthur

People love the rolling foothills of the Greater Macarthur region and many look forward to moving to this beautiful area.

Not surprisingly, this semi-rural region is one of the fastest growing areas in the greater Sydney area.

Originally known as the birthplace of the Merino Wool Industry, many Australians are drawn to the natural beauty and history of Macarthur.

If you’re looking to purchase a property in the Greater Macarthur area, you’ll need a professional building and pest inspection completed first.

Not only will a detailed inspection report give you an unbiased evaluation of your prospective home, it can also reveal some potential issues that you may need to consider. At BPI Building and Pest, we provide quality building and pest inspections to help you finalise your purchasing decision.

Our BPI Building Inspections

We take a close look at all accessible areas within the property. The structural evaluation is based on the home’s construction materials. In addition, we provide understandable details and complete pictures of our thorough inspection.

Some of the specific areas we are examining include:

  • The property’s overall interior and exterior
  • Sub-floor areas
  • Laundry
  • Toilet
  • Roof space
  • Roof exterior
  • Outdoor landscaping (fencing, steps, driveways, paths and/or retaining walls)
  • Carport, garage and garden sheds

As a pre-purchasing report, our building inspections will give you a full picture of the property as well as point out some possible repairs that could be on the horizon.

A BPI Pest Inspection

We also provide valuable pest inspections to detect timber pests. Termites are prevalent throughout the Macarthur region and can destroy a home from the inside out.

Because termites devour the cellulose found in wooden beams and boards, merely looking at a home’s structure isn’t enough in detecting these pests.

To fully determine if a property has any termite damage, we use a unique thermal imaging camera as part of our pest inspection.

This camera is able to detect termite nests, borers or wood-decaying fungi by identifying differences in surface temperatures in the floors and walls. If there are termites or other timber pests present, our inspection report will outline the best treatment and maintenance plan to eliminate these pests.

Pool Safety Inspections

Pools are a wonderful addition to any property. A Pool Safety Inspection is important to obey the Pool Safety Standard as well as to protect you and your family.

With specific requirements mandated by law, our Pool Safety Inspections will evaluate the current state of your pool and provide any recommendations to get the pool area up to regulatory standards.

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BPI Wollongong specialises in building, pest and pool safety inspections in the Greater Macarthur region. Contact us today for more information on our detailed inspections and professional reports to help you make the best home purchasing decision.