Independent Building and Pest Inspections In the Sutherland Shire

Don’t let the Sutherland Shire’s picturesque beaches, lush green trees and sandstone cliffs mesmerise you into falling for a house and failing to get a proper, quality pre-purchase building, pool and pest inspection.

An inspection will give you comprehensive information about the condition of the property and you can use the inspection to make an informed decision regarding a property purchase.

The Benefits of a Qualified Building Inspection

Building and pest inspections usually uncover major issues including structural problems, insulation concerns or termite infestations.

If any of these conditions exist in a home, they can be costly to fix. When you know about major problems before you buy it, you can decide whether you want to negotiate a lower price for the property or look for a different residence.

What We Do

Our experienced inspector, Greg Flood, will evaluate the accessible areas of the property. This includes the inside and outside of the structure along with the roof, basement and crawlspace area.

BPI will also look for signs of asbestos, working smoke alarms and the presence of a functioning electrical safety lever.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Be sure to hire an inspection company that uses thermal imaging cameras.

BPI have embraced this form of technology because it evaluates temperature differences within a surface. With this added information, we can complete a better assessment of a structure.

A thermal imaging camera can detect insulation issues, moisture problems and the overall condition of a building.

The technology allows inspectors to determine whether a home suffers from mould or a leaky roof. An inspector can also use a thermal imaging camera to check a structure’s boiler system.

Since the Shire is blessed with comfortable annual temperatures, it’s a popular destination for many bugs. Termites can be an especially serious problem because they enjoy the area’s humidity and warm weather conditions.

Funnel web spiders are another common pest that like to move into the Shire’s homes and gardens. Pest trouble is serious since it can result in structural damage. Some pests can even be a danger to your health.

A thorough pest inspection will determine whether a property is infested with bugs, spiders or rodents. Thermal imaging equipment can detect the presence of pests. Inspectors will also use moisture meters and tapping equipment to uncover them.

Don’t Forget a Pool Inspection

If you’re considering buying a home that comes with a swimming pool, then be sure to work with an inspector who can evaluate the safety and condition of the feature.

A skilled inspector will check the condition of a pool’s barrier, cover, electrical components and equipment as well as the overall structure. He or she should also make sure that the pool is properly equipped with the right signage and lights.

Getting the Peace of Mind You Need

Building, pest and pool inspections uncover major problems before they turn into financial catastrophes. Keep in mind that in many cases, these inspections determine that a property is basically trouble-free, and this will give you the peace you need to buy the home that you desire.